Taquitos de queso de oveja en aceite de oliva virgen extra

D.O. Manchego Cheese

Cheese made with Manchega sheep milk

Buying DO Manchego cheese


Artesanos Lácteos: Manchego cheese producers


Artesanos Lácteos is a family business located in Los Yébenes, a municipality and town in the province of Toledo, Spain. It is located 40 km south of the capital of Toledo.


Our mission is to contribute to the sustainability of a whole artisan tradition and of all the human process, which begins with the people, the shepherd, the goats, sheep or cows, and continues with the pastures, the milk and the manufacture of the cheese, and ends, of course, with those who eat and enjoy it.

We make artisan cheese as a way of life, as a cultural and gastronomic expression of what is, today, a modern and sustainable lifestyle.


In cheese production there is art, there is knowledge and, above all, there is a legacy of artisans specialised in bringing gastronomic treasures to our tables which come from such a humble material as is milk.

‘Our contribution to the revitalisation and knowledge of our origins motivates us and is in our corporate DNA.’

In 1991, in our small village, the dream of producing Manchego cheese according to tradition was born. High quality cheese, with sheep, goat and cow milk from the region of La Mancha, which, due to their manufacture and ingredients, are natural par excellence, edible in their entirety and artisan, where the human hand plays an important role.

Our cheese is the result of a dream come true for the Díaz-Gil Hebrero family. Cheese born from experience and the work of years and from the constant inspiration of the ways of working the milk. We are inspired by other milk production techniques to obtain unique cheeses that are close to our national cheese-making traditions. This allows us to have a source of gastronomic wealth and to be a benchmark for everyone in Castile-La Mancha.