El mejor queso curado manchego online con D.O

The best DO Manchego cheese of Artesanos Lácteos

The best DO Manchego cheese of Artesanos Lácteos

There is no doubt that the quality of Manchego cheese is a guarantee of taste and also contributes to a healthy diet. In this sense, an example of guaranteed quality and taste is the DO Manchego cheese of Artesanos Lácteos.

The DO (Designation of Origin) seals are always placed in visible places on the products, distinguishing and certifying that you are purchasing high quality products, made in a traditional way and with characteristics that make them unique. The Designation of Origin pure sheep Manchego cheese of Artesanos Lácteos El Fontejón is like that.

El Fontejón, one of the best DO Manchego cheeses 


Manchego cheese is made with sheep milk from the best farms in Castilla-La Mancha. These animals are bred and fed in absolutely controlled conditions, so giving your family any of these sheep cheeses will be a guarantee that you are giving them a balanced and healthy diet.

As all products with Designation of Origin, our Manchego cheese is full of tradition and quality which makes it very attractive and popular all over the world. The most famous cheese in Spain is a product made with sheep milk.

In Artesanos Lácteos, you will find DO Manchego cheese of the best quality and at the best price. Cured and semi-cured DO El Fontejón Both made with Manchega sheep milk.

El mejor queso manchego con D.O. el Fontejón de Artesanos Lácteos

We make artisan Manchego cheese as a way of life, as a cultural and gastronomic expression of what is, today, a modern and sustainable lifestyle.

In cheese production there is art, there is knowledge and, above all, there is a legacy of artisans specialised in bringing gastronomic treasures to our tables which come from such a humble material as is sheep milk. 


Unique taste and texture


The taste and texture of DO Manchego cheese have made it possible for this cheese to obtain protection of origin in La Mancha.

The product is made with the best quality raw material. Our products have legal protection over similar products as, even when using similar ingredients, they can use procedures which lower the costs and, therefore, the final price of the product and of course the taste shall not be the same.


The history of Manchego cheese is as old as the sheep in this region, and time has not changed the essence of its manufacture and quality. It maintains its cylindrical trademark shape, its compact white, ivory and yellowish paste with irregularly shaped and distributed holes, as well as the external appearance with the flower imprinted on the flat faces and the ‘pleita’ (braided fibres) on the side face.


How can I tell if it is DO Manchego cheese?


Manchego cheese, regardless of its curation and the manufacturing process, must comply with a series of regulations established by the Regulatory Council of this Protected Designation of Origin. The requirements all Manchego cheese must meet to be recognised as such are:

  • The manufacturing, ageing and production process of the cheese must be done in an area covered by the Designation of Origin, which includes the provinces of Albacete, Ciudad Real, Toledo and Cuenca.
  • The milk must come exclusively from Manchega sheep and be free of medicine and impurities.
  • Minimal ageing of 30 days for cheese weighing 1.5 kg or less and 60 days for heavier weights.
  • Cylindrical shape, flat faces marked with a line design dividing it into four parts. The side is also marked with a zigzag design which resembles the traditional esparto straps or moulds.
  • Hard rind, compact firm paste, intense smell and slightly acidic, strong and tasty flavour.
  • The corresponding labels supported by the Regulatory Council:
    • There must be a label accrediting the Designation of Origin Manchego cheese. The term ‘Designation of Origin Manchego cheese’ must appear on the commercial label of the cheese. If it has been made with raw milk, the word ‘artisan’ or ‘artisanal’ shall also appear.




      • Numbered and serialised casein plate: It shall be on the opposite face of the commercial label, embedded in the rind with the term ‘DOP MANCHEGO CHEESE’ and a series of five digits and two or three letters.
      • Numbered counterlabel: it shall be attached to the commercial label, with the Designation of Origin logo. In the case of small cheeses, or wedges, this counterlabel shall be marked on the top right corned by a blue or green stripe, respectively.
      • European logo Label with which the European Union distinguishes the quality products. This one corresponds to Designations of Origin.




Artesanos Lácteos, manufacturers of the best DO Manchego cheese


Lactose-free cheese 100% Artesanos Lácteos quality with competitive pricing, particularly when it is one of the most demanded cheeses by customers all over Spain.

These are some of the cheeses you can find in our physical stores in Los Yébenes, Consuegra and in our online store.


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